Dress Code

ress sexy but keep it classy. (No gang affiliated colors.) No slides.

Upscale dress code, no baggy clothes, no boots (cowboy boots ok), no sandals. Sports attire, no joggers.
No sagging. We require a belt to be worn on guys.

SNEAKERS ARE OK!! Jordans, Nikes, Dunks, Adidas, vans, chucks/converse, Yeezys are acceptable (1st editions). All black shoes recommenced.

(No gang affiliated colors.)

Jeans ok, just not baggy or have any rips/holes, or distressed.

Ballcaps are OK! (No sports attire hats.)  

Dress shorts are ok.

No excessive jewerly on guys: grills. If you have a chain on, tuck it in etc. Watches are ok. The reason for no excessive jewelry is to keep club environment safe, some people in past have started altercations in attempt to steal another persons merchandise. To avoid this in the club, we ask that you don’t wear or just simply tuck it in. 

Appropriate Dress Attire:
Button up collared shirt, slacks, dress shoes, pollishable  shoes, tie, suit.